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When you contemplate your claims management software investment, it’s important to evaluate both sides of the equation: How much will you spend? How much will you save? How much MORE could you earn?

By answering all three questions, you can begin to estimate your potential Return on Investment (ROI) – and the results will surprise you. Many of our clients experience 4x ROI or even more. Would you like to turn $1 into $4? It’s possible with VCA powering your business.

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Crunch The Numbers

Those who take the time to truly evaluate the potential ROI of VCA Software are often shocked to discover how much their legacy system is costing them. Instead of asking if they can afford VCA Software, they’re suddenly asking if they can afford another day without it.

Let one of our team members guide you through a Workflow Assessment to obtain real stats about your business. The average claim handler spends about 1.8 hours a day on manual tasks, equaling up to 38.7 hours per month, per person.

On average, VCA clients can automate enough tasks to save 19 hours per month. If you could reallocate that time into billable hours, what would that mean for you?

ROI Achieved...

The figures below demonstrate the minimum ROI achieved by these customers by eliminating inefficiencies. However, their return on investment is likely even higher because VCA automation frees their team members to spend more time on revenue-generating activities.

IA Firm with 550 claims/month and 48 employees

  • Annual Cost of Inefficient Time: $663,552
  • ROI of VCA Upgrade: 10X

TPA with 327 claims/month and 72 employees

  • Annual Cost of Inefficient Time: $1,195,776
  • ROI of VCA Upgrade: 15X

IA firm with 182 claims/month and 15 employees

  • Annual Cost of Inefficient Time: $127,440
  • ROI of VCA Upgrade: 5X

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