Return on Investment

Cost Savings

When you contemplate your claims management software investment, it’s important to evaluate both sides of the equation: How much will you spend? How much will you save?

By answering both questions, you can begin to estimate your potential Return on Investment (ROI).

Be warned: Those who take the time to truly evaluate the potential ROI of VCA Software are often shocked to discover how much their legacy system is costing them.

Instead of asking if they can afford VCA Software, they’re suddenly asking if they can afford another day without it.



Let one of our team members guide you through a Workflow Assessment to obtain real stats about your business. The average claim handler spends about 1.8 hours a day on manual tasks, equaling up to 38.7 hours per month, per person.

On average, VCA clients can automate enough tasks to save 19 hours per month. If you could reallocate that time into billable hours, what would that mean for you?


The VCA Software ecosystem has been carefully architected to save you time. Imagine…
  • A claims system fully integrated with your invoicing, bookkeeping and digital payments systems.
  • A claims system with auto claim number assignment, and automated claim acknowledgement process.
  • Claims tabs and fields customized to match your business.
Once we understand your business, there’s even more opportunity for greater efficiency with VCA Software.