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For IA firms, speed matters. VCA empowers you to enter and assign a claim and send an acknowledgement in just minutes, revolutionizing a process that can take up to 2 days in other systems. The VCA system gives your file handlers a running start, which can make a significant difference in cycle times and outcomes, and it doesn’t stop there. This pioneering software gives you every advantage needed to grow and scale.

Key Advantages

Below are just a few of the many ways the VCA claims system helps IA firms grow and scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Independent adjusting firms often ask us the following nine questions about the VCA claims platform.

Can your system assign claims based on adjuster location?

Yes, you can assign claims to the team or adjuster closest to the loss location. You can do this manually or have the system do it for you with our auto-assign functionality.

Do you integrate with estimating tools like XactAnalysis or CoreLogic/Symbility?

Yes, we have bi-directional integrations with both, allowing you to push and pull file notes, documents and claims statuses.

Can adjusters log their time in the VCA system?

Yes, adjusters can easily log their time and expenses on individual claims files, through their desktops or via their phones.

Does VCA have a billing module?

Yes, you can invoice based on time and expense (T&E), flat fees and fee schedules.

Can we use VCA to calculate file handler payouts?

Yes, VCA has a pay-out module that configures payouts at an individual user level so you can customize payouts for adjusters and 1099 contractors.

Does your system store template letters?

Yes, you can set up template letters and reports. You can add your logo and VCA auto-fills claim file data saving the adjuster time.

How does VCA handle acknowledgement letters?

VCA has an auto-acknowledgement function that runs the template letter, creates a PDF and emails it to the insurer rep, logs a file note and attaches it to the file.

Can our clients log in and view their claims?

Yes, they can view their claims through a read-only third party portal. From there, they can view claim statuses and upload/download claims documents.

Can VCA be accessed from an adjuster’s phone?

Yes, VCA Mobile was built to support field adjusters. Adjusters can access diaries, appointments and claim data.

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