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VCA Helps TPA's Take Control of Financials

Tracking claim financials can be a major headache for TPAs – but with the VCA platform, it’s a breeze. We’ve customized our system to help you manage payments, reserves, authority limits and custom reporting for every client with precision and accuracy.

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Key Advantages

TPA clients love how easy it is to manage their business and exceed their clients’ expectations on the VCA platform, thanks to an extensive list of key advantages not found in most other claims management systems.

Compliance rules to easily track authority protocols and reporting requirements.

Definable indemnity and reserve categories so you can tailor expense tracking by client at a granular level

Digital payments so you can deliver money in seconds

Same-day bordereaux reports, with the option of using an “as of“ date​

Transactional reserve history so you can tell exactly when money moved, and from which fund account​

Quick, automated Lloyd’s reporting that does not require manual manipulation

Custom, definable recovery categories​

The ability to assign multiple parties a percentage of risk, while setting one reserve – all with reserve splitting and partial invoicing capabilities.

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