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Industry Leaders

Famous Quote “Success is looking at what others are doing and doing something different…”

How do companies become industry leaders? Was it just good luck or did the leaders of that company have the vision and strategies put in place to get to the top? There are millions of companies that operate successfully year after year with an average bottom line. Of these companies, there are very few companies called the 5%ers who think differently than the rest. This small group of companies also plans differently than other companies and thinks differently than other companies. And yes this small group the 5%ers also gets very different yearly results than 95% of other companies. How do they do this?

Technology in all companies today has become a “must have” in order to conduct business efficiently. Researching technologies that can reduce costs to your clients and improve service delivery is a huge opportunity that few companies keep themselves knowledgeable about. The ones who do keep their technologies current find they run their office and processes much more efficiently than companies who have older processes and technologies in place.

Many company owners make the mistake of being reactive instead of proactive. Why replace a system that might be outdated and a bit slow but still gets the job done? Why replace a system that I am frustrated using, or that causes many redundancies at my company? The 5%ers group thinks differently than the 95%ers they are proactive people, dealing with potential problems they see coming up in the future before it becomes a current issue.

Billions of dollars are wasted yearly by companies using inefficient technologies, dollars that could be kept in company accounts increasing bottom lines is literally thrown out the window. It is too bad it cannot be seen as easily. If it was, business owners would be calling an urgent boardroom meeting with their top management staff to stop the money from flying out the window.

To become an industry leader you must think differently than the rest, plan differently than the rest, and do differently than the rest. We do warn you however that by implementing this type of action plan you will push your company ahead of the other companies in your area of business, leading your industry in efficiency, quality, and service.