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Virtual Claims Adjuster presents: Workflow That Works

A three-part webinar series that explores how workflow, automation and data are impacting the insurance claims process.

TORONTO, August 5, 2021 – Virtual Claims Adjuster Inc. (“VCA”), the InsureTech Platform for Faster Claims Management, presents Workflow that Works, a three-part webinar series that takes a deep dive into the world of workflow, with real-life examples of how automation and data insights help you manage claims faster – and smarter. The series features Pat McGrew, M-EDP, CMP – Managing Director, The McGrew Group. She is joined by VCA’s Founder and CTO, Lee Picano; President and CEO John Varghese; as well as Ilda Cairns, VP of client services and Courtney Randell, VCA’s customer success specialist.

“Whether you realize it or not, the order of things you accomplish every day is part of your business workflow. This is the people, the processes, the technologies – everything,” says Pat McGrew, managing director of the McGrew Group. “The thing is, not every workflow is efficient.”

According to McKinsey Company, automating your claims process can reduce the cost of a claims journey by as much as 30 percent.

In episode one, titled: Why Workflow Works, Pat gives an introduction to the purpose of a workflow. She introduces viewers to the power of optimizing workflow through automation, addresses some of the common workflow challenges businesses face and teaches firms how to  develop a workflow mindset.

Episode two, titled: Why Workflow Works in the Insurance Industry  explores why workflow is important to the insurance industry. McGrew and the VCA team look at how workflow impacts specific players such as TPAs (Third-Party Administrators) and IAs (Independent Adjusters). They also show how workflow impacts the cost of the claims journey and forecast the future of the industry.

The average claims workflow has 20 touchpoints. By integrating advanced technologies into operations, businesses can reduce the number of touchpoints and drive a more efficient workflow for all departments, from first notification of loss right through to settlement.

The third and final episode, Why Workflow Works Now, examines why workflow matters today. The panel offers a better way to resolve claims faster and displays an optimized claims management workflow. The series closes with a few words on the role of data analytics, and a quick look at how new technologies and a thirst for up-to-the-minute reporting capabilities have impacted the claims workflow.

“Technology is always moving forward. Businesses that don’t take advantage of modern solutions can no longer compete with those that do,” said John Varghese, CEO, Virtual Claims Adjuster. “Improving workflow means maximizing efficiency, and efficiency is key to running the smoothest possible operations. We’re thrilled to share this series with the rest of the claims industry.”

VCA’s Workflow That Works webinar series launches September, 2021. Join the waitlist – and be the first to access the series on demand.

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Virtual Claims Adjuster is the InsureTech platform for faster claims management. This SaaS Platform automates your process to free up claims adjusters from repetitive tasks. Bringing data to the forefront of your process enables adjusters to resolve claims faster by adding insights to the decision-making process. With VCA, you don’t have to change the way you process claims. It’s flexible enough to fit into your claims process and provides workflow and enhancements to help you solve claims faster. It already integrates with the systems you work with and allows you to create standardized templates, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel every time you send out a communication. VCA meets all your privacy, data security and Lloyds of London requirements.

More than 170 customers in 15 countries rely on Virtual Claims Adjuster to help resolve millions of insurance claims each year. VCA is a privately-owned global company, founded in 1998, with offices in the United States and Canada. For additional information, visit #VCAInsuretech

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