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Insurance Claims Management Software Quick Comparison Guide

An outdated claims process could be increasing your costs while undermining policyholder satisfaction. Modern claims management software systems can revolutionize your claims process, resulting in shorter cycles, improved efficiency, lower costs and happier policyholders. However, with multiple options, selecting the right insurance claims management software for your needs is a complicated and high-stakes task.

This comparison guide provides a quick overview of 10 claims management software solutions to help you assess your options. Details – such as pricing and integrations, among other things – are subject to change, and the information provided here may not be complete look at all of the capabilities that a provider offers. However, this should be a good jumping-off-point in your search for insurance claims management software.

Options include:

ultimate buying guide for claims management systems



  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: ClickUp provides project management solutions for non-profits, startups and companies in various industries and of various sizes.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: ClickUp provides native and third-party integrations. The company boasts more than 100 integrations, including Slack, Zapier, Zoom, Chrome, Outlook and more.
  • Automation: ClickUp provides an automations library as well as the ability to create custom automations. All plans include an unlimited number of automations, but the number of automated actions allowed per month is limited based on the plan.
  • Cost: $
  • About: ClickUp is a project management solution. The company aims to replace multiple apps with a single solution that boosts productivity.



  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: Claimable is geared toward loss adjusters, brokers, MGAs, in-house claims teams, construction and property repair companies, claims management companies and other businesses that manage claims.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: Contact Claimable to request information on integrations and partnerships.
  • Automation: The Claimable system can populate repeated tasks in the claim checklist so that these tasks do not have to be created manually each time. The system also offers letter generation with templates that can be automatically populated.
  • Cost: $
  • About: Claimable is a London-based company. It boasts customer-first claims management software. This is a cloud-based system that supports paperless processes.

Duck Creek


  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: The Duck Creek suite caters to P&C insurers of all sizes.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: Duck Creek offers a number of integrations, including ISO, LexisNexis, Precisely, Gradient AI, Milliman Datalytics-Defense,, Compex, SPIXII, Splice, Roost, Hyland, Friss, WeGoLook, and One Inc.
  • Automation: Duck Creek uses rule-driven automation and pre-built workflows. No-touch claims handling is supported.
  • Cost: $$$
  • About: Duck Creek boasts a comprehensive claims management system that covers the entire claims lifecycle from beginning to end. The claims system is part of the Duck Creek Technologies suite of software solutions.



  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: According to Axon, FileTrac serves P&C, CAT, TPA and auto appraisal businesses.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: FileTrac has partnered with HOVER, Rackspace and Auth0.
  • Automation: FileTrac uses artificial intelligence, business intelligence and robotics automation.
  • Cost: $
  • About: FileTrac aims to reduce human error and human capital costs using cutting-edge technologies. According to Axon, FileTrac uses a web-based claims management system that requires full-time online connection. FileTrac provides a support portal as well as articles and other online resources to help users use the system and navigate issues.

Guidewire ClaimCenter


  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: Guidewire serves the P&C insurance industry.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: Guidewire offers more than 60 prebuilt apps. Guidewire is also part of the PartnerConnect ecosystem
  • Automation: Guidewire lets users automate workflows. The Guidewire Claims Autopilot supports an automation-first approach to claims.
  • Cost: $$$
  • About: Guidewire ClaimCenter boasts a customer-centric claims process with automation to allow for faster claims handling. This program is part of the Guidewire insurance solutions suite.

Mitchell WorkCenter


  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: Mitchell offers claims services for auto insurers.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: Mitchell provides integrated solutions, including integrated parts and labor data.
  • Automation: Mitchell unveiled new claims automation technology in 2019. The mobile FNOL and assignment dispatch tools streamline claims handling.
  • Cost: $
  • About: Mitchell offers a cloud-based system and an ecosystem designed to support auto claims and vehicle repairs. Mitchell also offers workers’ compensation solutions and pharmacy benefit management solutions.



  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: Snapsheet serves insurance companies of all sizes.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: Snapsheet offers an API. Snapsheet has also developed a partner ecosystem that include Smart Communications, Key Bank, Caseguide, Shift, Safelite AutoGlass, Accuserve and more.
  • Automation: Snapsheet enables automated processes and simplified workflows.
  • Cost: $
  • About: Snapsheet provides cloud-native SaaS solutions. Solutions include payments and appraisals in addition to claims.

Symbility Claims Connect


  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: Symbility serves property insurance companies.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: Claims Connect offers an open API and easy integration with software partners. There are also more than 50 integrations available for immediate use.
  • Automation: Claims Connect uses a rules-based engine. The system uses panels called Blades to allow quick actions that can remove steps.
  • Cost: $$
  • About: Symbility offers multiple products to support property insurance claims processes. In addition to Claims Connect, these products include Desk Adjusters, Quality Connect, Mobile Claims, Video Connect and more.

Ventiv Claims Administration Software


  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: Ventiv supports property, commercial auto, liability, employee benefits and workers’ compensation lines.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: Ventiv partners with more than 450 organizations.
  • Automation: Ventiv uses robotic process automation (RPA) to increase efficiency and allow team members to focus on higher-level tasks. RPA is applied to claims tasks that require significant manual and repetitive work, such as gathering external data, double entry, values checking and more.
  • Cost: $$
  • About: Ventiv aims to eliminate data silos and reduce administrative burdens. In addition to claims management solutions, Ventiv offers billing, analytics, data science, underwriting and policy issuance and other services.

VCA Software (formerly known as Virtual Claims Adjuster)


  • Lines of Business and Customers Supported: VCA serves TPAs, carriers, IA firms and captives. VCA’s completely configurable software supports P&C claims and all other lines of business, except health insurance and workers’ compensation. There are various out-of-the-box configuration options.
  • Integrations and Partnerships: VCA offers a wide range of integrations, including QuickBooks, CoreLogic, XactAnalysis, HOVER, email and outbound digital claims payments. VCA is also one of the few platforms that supports Lloyd’s of London requirements.
  • Automation: VCA offers completely customizable rules and workflows to maximize efficiency. They offer prospective clients the opportunity to calculate the potential ROI of their software on their website. VCA’s reporting capabilities include data analytics so clients can easily identify trends and adjust strategy as needed. VCA will soon be launching a state-of-the-art claimant app to facilitate increased policyholder satisfaction and faster resolution times.
  • Cost: $$
  • About: VCA aims to increase customer satisfaction by automating communications and reducing claims processing time.

Next Steps

Here at VCA, we want you to have the best claims management software for your needs. In addition to this snapshot, we’ve created a claims management system buying guide to assist you as you explore your options in more depth. The guide includes a checklist that helps you keep track of your priorities as you review demos, so nothing slips through the cracks. Resources to Download: vca software demo